Anna Ryan

Online Therapy in English and Hungarian

Overcome anxiety and low self-confidence, reach your self-improvement goals with me.

Anna Ryan

Therapist (Dip. CBH)

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Hi, welcome to my website,

My name is Anna Ryan. I am a therapist offering online consultations in English and Hungarian language. I use evidence-based methods to help my clients deal with

Work-related issues: stress management, burnout, performance anxiety, public speaking anxiety

Low self-confidence and self-esteem

Social anxiety

Ineffective communication


Challenges of pregnancy, parenthood and relationships

Phobias, panic attacks

Lifestyle changes: unwanted habits (e.g. nail-biting, hair pulling, smoking, drinking), sleeping problems, weight loss

Challenges of a life abroad
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Anna Ryan CBH Therapist

Why Choose Online Therapy?

Engaging in online therapy has several advantages, such as

You can select an environment that suits you best and where you feel comfortable.

You have more flexibility in making appointments.

You can save time by not having to travel (and we all know that time is gold!).

Studies have proved that online therapy is as effective as therapy conducted in person.

You will be provided with further personalized materials to support the work done in the sessions (e.g. MP3 recordings, materials to read).

Skills training, meditation and relaxation exercises can be carried out perfectly via the internet.
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What Happens In The First Session?

During our first consultation, we will discuss your problem in detail, exploring related factors and putting it in context. We then agree on goals for our therapy and create a treatment plan we will follow.

I am also happy to answer any questions you may have in the session.

By the end of our initial consultation:

✔️ You will have a better insight into the nature of your problem.

✔️ Learn about its root causes.

✔️ Have a clearer understanding of the factors maintaining it.

✔️ Be informed about possible treatment methods.

Furthermore, you will learn how cognitive-behavioural therapy can help you achieve your goals and add to your skills to become more adaptive and resilient when facing new challenges.

As a result of the consultation, you will have an actionable plan to follow in order to overcome your problem.

🕗 Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long.
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How Long Does Therapy Take?

Unlike psychoanalytic therapy, where treatment usually takes years, online therapy with CBT produces tangible results within a short period of time, with an average therapy length being 8-12 sessions.

Depending on the severity of the issue presented, a positive outcome may be reached in 2-6 sessions or might require more than 12 session to reach our therapeutic goal(s).
In addition to working on the presented issue(s) in the sessions, I put great emphasis on work outside the sessions.

In order to help my clients “become their own therapists” with time, we regularly set targets for independent practice and agree on assignments for the time between our consultations.
We reflect on the therapeutic process every few sessions to evaluate the progress we are making, thus reinforcing positive change and making further adjustments for efficient advancement.
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Why Work With Me?

Tailored Approach
I understand that your challenges are unique. My personalized approach ensures that our therapy aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Proven Methods
Backed by the latest research in cognitive-behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy, my methods have proven effective in empowering my clients to overcome their challenges.

Ensuring your privacy is top priority. Our sessions are conducted with the highest level of confidentiality, creating a safe space for your personal and professional growth.

Results-Driven Treatment
Our goal is your success. We measure our success by the positive, tangible changes you experience in your professional and personal life.
I have made it my mission to help my clients preserve their mental health and create positive changes in their lives that support long-lasting well-being.
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Client Testimonials

Anna was great at asking the right questions, was very well prepared and helped identify the root of the problem. She also had a good understanding of the situations I had trouble with, and helped me identify my strengths and accept positive feedback.”

“I really enjoyed working with Anna, she was able to make me comfortable and share my feelings about the situation that caused me stress, anxiety and worries. She helped me see the whole situation objectively and the single elements causing me distress. Also, it was valuable to have some plan of action and analyse the different options to find the best solutions to my problem with short and long term advantages and disadvantages.”

Anna was a good listener and pointed out some important aspects of my issue. After analysing these, it was easier to find the option with the best outcome. After our sessions, I felt very much relieved and able to find the best solution where all the parties involved could be in a win-win situation. I really enjoyed the sessions Anna delivered, without her input I would still be stuck feeling lost and overwhelmed and unable to take action.”

Anna was very experienced, calm and professional.  I immediately felt rapport with her and that I could trust her to listen and not make judgements of my presenting issue.  She was good at listening and asking relevant questions, plus, suggesting processes that we could follow. During our session with Anna we put a plan together that I could follow including coping strategies that I can apply in the future.  She also sent useful information after the sessions for me to use.”

“As a company director communication is a key part of what I do. The past few years I developed anxiety around speaking in front of people and having confrontational interactions. Not good if you are a director. Anna helped me tremendously. She helped me dissect the problem into key parts then work on those systematically. Both her supportive personality and knowledge about communication and psychology gave a lot to me. I still have some work to do on myself, but now I have no problem speaking in front of many eyes and having confrontational talks with people if necessary. If you need help I highly recommend Anna.”

“Anna is an exceptionally knowledgeable CBH therapist who exudes warmth, approachability, and a genuine desire to help. She creates an environment that encourages trust and openness. I felt heard and supported throughout and her flexibility enabled me to navigate sessions based on my current needs. The recordings that she provided were also incredibly helpful. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Anna to anyone considering cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy.”